Monday, October 21, 2013

Sign on the dotted line.......

Well my friends. This weeks email is going to be short....not because my mother takes up all my email time (which she does...but it's seriously the highlight of my week.), but because this week has been the week from the evil one's own home. (That was me trying to get around saying Hell.....but ya know what? It's a place, and sometimes you just have to say it!!!!) So this was the week from H-E-L- (you know the rest.)

Sometimes the Devil just works hard....ya know? Like really hard. And sometimes I just want to kick him in the behind and tell him, "Get out of my hair ya stinkin' HOBO!" Let me tell ya, he's a powerful one......but you know who is even more powerful? The Savior. He know's exactly what you need, when you need it....even when you don't. One of my second mother's, Rosie Bassett, sent me and unexpected letter with a talk from Elder Holland called, "The Miracle of a Mission." I suggest that if any of you know of a missionary out there, SEND IT TO THEM. It's AMAZING. I wish I could just quote the whole thing, but I just want to tell you of one part that really hit me. 

He says, "Remember above all, that this is a spiritual work. It’s the most important thing you can remember all your life. You cannot have a mission and you will not succeed on this mission and you won’t be happy and you won’t lose your homesickness and you won’t get the language and you won’t be acclimatized to the culture until you give over to God and say, “This is Thy work and I’m only the instrument. I’m on the pencil, but you’ve got to do the writing.” That is the most important thing for a missionary to learn ever. Section 50, a verse you all memorize and I hope you remember all your life, “Unto what you were ordained (or in the case of the sisters, unto what you were set apart by somebody who was ordained), to preach my gospel by the Spirit, even the Comforter, and if it is not taught that way, it is not God’s way.” If it is not taught that way, it is some other way, and any other way is not of God. You can’t do it your own way. Don’t even try. That’s part of the worry—you don’t have to do it, you can’t do it, you shouldn't do it. Stop worrying that you have to do this. This is God’s work! He will watch you! He will answer your prayers! He has legions of angels and teams of chariots to run to your aid this very hour. He will bless you! This is His work, but you have to do it His way! That’s the contract."

Well dang it, kids! I signed that there contract! I did this to myself....I did the biggest favor of my lifetime and signed myself up for this. Did I know going into it how hard it would be? HECK NO. Would I have done it if I had? Probably not. But am I eternally grateful I did? HECK YES. I have already learned more about myself and this gospel and how I can make my life and others better by combining the two. (gospel=life.....and who said I was bad at math!?!! ;)) I know that by devoting my life to this work for the next 15 months, I am bringing more blessings into the lives of those I love more than I can ever imagine. I also know that by signing that dotted line, I agreed to serve him with all my heart, and that is exactly what I plan on doing. Some wise sister missionary I feel like I don't know very well wrote in her journal the first day on her mission that from that day forward, when it got to hard to stand, that she would kneel. Well, I can tell you that I have spent the past week on my knees, and they are bruised and bloody. I have kept that promise to that young version of me almost 3 months ago. Through the strength of the lord, and the atonement's healing power, my knees have been bandaged, and I am ready for another week in the Lord's vineyard. He has sharpened his pencil, and I am ready to write!!!

I love you all and hope that this message reaches you safe and well. Next week I promise an update on the work!! I know you want to hear about all the amazing people, not silly old me!! 


Sister Morris

No pictures from Sister Morris this week as her camera was stolen... sad, but she is going to buy a new one today.
A big shout out to everyone for their letters, emails and prayers for Sister Morris. Especially this week, Rose Bassett. She said to tell everyone thank you, it keeps her spirits up and makes her happy, happy, happy. It does take a village to raise a child, even on a mission!!  Thank you!!

You can email her at

This Saturday, Oct 26th is Sister Morris' 21st birthday!! Hugs**

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