Monday, November 11, 2013

Prayers please...

Well some things never change…..Sister Morris emailed us this picture this morning. The klutz still lives on! Those of you who know Sister Morris, this should come as no surprise.

When we asked what happened she said “I fell out of our backpack was at my feet and it caught my leg as I was getting out. I twisted my knee, Sister Boman and I both heard a pop, and I fell hard on the gravel driveway....oh man did that hurt!!!! Dr. says I tore the ligament that connects your thumb to your muscles in the wrist, so I have a hard cast on that which will stay on for 3 weeks. The ER Doctor thinks I might have torn and/or stretched out my MCL and PCL in my knee. I go to an Orthopedic Specialist tomorrow for a MRI. Don't worry, I am fine. This happened on Thursday and I have been confined to bed since then.”

We asked her to come up with a better story than she fell out of the car and she said “I know!!! I was telling everyone that I wrestled a gator in the Patomic River and round house Chuck Norris kicked it too fast.         (Hahahaha)  I'm on crutches, and confined to the apartment until tomorrow.  Based on what the Orthopedic Specialist says tomorrow will depend on whether or not I will be sent home. If it's torn, or requires a lot of recuperation, I will be headed home. So PLEASE ASK EVERYONE TO PRAY that it is not torn and will heal fast so I can stay in Maryland!!!”

Please pray for her, that her knee injury can heal with simple therapy as she does not want to come home to recuperate.…..Thank you!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Read My Fingers!

OH MY GOOD GOLLY GRACIOUS!!!! I HAVE THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT EVER!!!!!!! There are now 2 language speaking missionaries in the Morris family!! President Richards called us out of the blue this week and asked us to start language study every morning!!! Wanna guess what it is???

You heard it here first folks. This language is so stinking hard, and I am really overwhelmed. BUT, I am ready to conquer ASL! As we have started learning I feel like I am so behind, and everyone signs so fast, and I lose their fingers. It's really hard and now I feel like I know a little bit of what Bubba feels like speaking Spanish!! Haha

Well, life is great! We have seen a lot of success here in Hancock, and I'm so excited about it all! On Sunday night we went to dinner at a members house, and we had hamburgers and milkshakes and homemade fries....yummmmm :) We showed them the Mormon message, "Good Things to Come", by Elder Holland. (One of my personal favorites) During the clip (set back in the 1960's), Sister H points out how back in those days moms wouldn't put their children in car seats, and would just carry them in their laps. This was something I had never noticed in the video before and thought, huh. That's interesting! I didn't think anything more about it, and we headed on our way to visit some less-active members

The less-active member, has taken a direct flight to MIRACLE LAND! So, we have been over to her house about 6 times over the course I have been here and have just been building the relationship of trust with her. At this point she loves us like her own, and feeds us all the time. We love her, but we can't find a way to bring up coming back to church with her! So we pray and we pray, and nada. I have no idea what to say to her. So we head to her house after praying our hearts out and guess what? She's not even home. At this point I just wanted to give up. So we get in the car and punch in another address into Sis. Boman's GPS and we go on our way. Long story short the GPS takes us on this weird route and ends up making us turn around a mile down the road. We were so frustrated!!! This day could just not get worse! So we follow the GPS and sure enough it takes us right past her house not 2 minutes after we had already been there, and guess who is home? Our favorite lady! The spirit slapped me in the face as if to say, "Don't doubt me, ya dummy!!!"

So we go in and are sitting there, and I keep looking for ways to creep in the gospel, but don't find an opening. I'm getting discouraged when all of the sudden something she says catches my attention. Now stay with me here because this is about as far out in left field as it gets, but she says something about how back in the day moms wouldn't put their children in car seats, and would just carry them on their laps. All of the sudden I realize where I had seen that before, and BOOM!!!! I WHIPPED THAT LITTLE DVD PLAYER OUT OF MY VERA BRADLEY BACKPACK LIKE IT WAS NOBODY'S BUSINESS. I said, "Ya know, someone just pointed out to me that same thing in this video...." BAM! Towards the end of the video, Elder Holland says, "Some blessings come soon, some come later, and some don't come till heaven. But for those who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come." As tears roll down her cheeks, she turns to us and says, "I miss those days. I miss coming to church." BAM! Holy Ghost smack down #2. Man, isn't this gospel so amazing?!!? How blessed am I to be a part of it?

This letter is a day late because we had Mission Conference yesterday, and Elder Bruce Carlson of the Seventy came and spoke to our mission. One thing that I really loved from his instruction was how some of us are just being a 'poser' of a disciple of Jesus Christ, and are not really LIVING it. We are not consecrating ourselves to this gospel. So, here comes my challenge to all those who read this. Consecrate something in your life to this gospel. Whether it is something as small as getting your Home Teaching/Visiting Teaching done every month, or something as big as writing a missionary, hint hint. Give up something so that you are a TRUE disciple of Jesus Christ.
As Sister Dibb says, "Learn it, Live it, Love it."

I love you all so much, and I hope to hear about how you are becoming more consecrated in your own lives.

Sister Morris