Monday, October 14, 2013

Just call me Sister Fire Princess......dumb cat!

October 14, 2013

Hello family and friends,

To open my letter I would like to tell you of a story. It goes a little like this. There once was a girl named Sister Morris, who lived in a small town called Hancock. While in Hancock she learned that the natives to the area where easy to spot, and VERY hard to miss. But, there was one person she met while living in Hancock who was not of the ordinary. His name was Bishop Ah-Loe. He came from the land of Samoa, and liked to twirl fire in his spare time. One day he decided to show the missionaries what it would be like to try such a thing. The following happened:

Well everyone, from now on I'm going to need you to call me Sister Fire Princess, PLEASE. No but really. I almost burnt my hair was terrifying. I love my stinkin' mission! Who would have thought I would come here and learn how to twirl fire from my bishop?! Not me! :) I really am having so much fun!

It has been raining here like CRAZY!!!  We are right in the middle of tropical storm Karen and man is she MAD. The rain here is different than Utah rain. Here when it rains, it doesn't stop. AT ALL. It has been raining straight for about  3 1/2 days!! And it's thick rain! And the people here don't know how to's terrifying. Luckily we know that as long as we are keeping the rules, we will be safe. That keeps us going. I never realized how amazing the priesthood is until I came out on a mission. I mean, I had a testimony of it, and I knew how amazing it COULD be, but I didn't really know how amazing it really is. This week we had to drive over to Berkley Springs, WV to take over an investigator from the elders, as she is a single female. The rain was coming down hard, and the road that you take to go to Berkley is a busy interstate that runs through a wooded area. It's scary enough driving in the daylight in good conditions as you have to watch carefully for deer and watch the cars around you as it is heavily used by trucks. So, to add bad conditions to the mix, I was TERRIFIED. My anxiety got the best of me and I started to cry. Even though we had arrived there safely, I knew the drive back down the mountainside would be even worse.

As the lesson drew to a close, we left the house and headed to the cars. My heart was pounding and right as we started to get in the car, Elder Mathews turned to me and asked me if I needed a priesthood blessing. For this? I am just being stupid! It's all in my mind! But I knew that I needed it. So I said yes, and was given one of the most amazing blessings of my life. I thought I needed a blessing to calm my anxiety, but Heavenly Father knew what I needed, even when I didn't. He blessed me that I might know how much my Heavenly Father was proud of me and of the work I was doing. That I would be blessed with the strength I needed to finish out my mission, and that if I relied on the Lord, I would change more lives than I could count. My Father in Heaven KNEW what I needed. Even when I didn't. 
I love this gospel and the amazing blessings it brings. I know that through Joseph Smith the true Church was restored, and that the priesthood that Christ held and healed with, is again on the earth today. I testify that through your faith and trust in the Lord, you can do ANYTHING.

I love you all, and hope you have an amazing week! Until we meet again. :) 

Sister Morris, Fire Princess

Favorite Moment:

Story Form: Yesterday we went and saw a less-active couple that we haven't seen in a while. We sat down and really got them to open up and left feeling like CHAMPS. They walked us out and watched us leave to make sure we got out safe. As I was backing up the car, I all of the sudden hear a strange sound and feel a bump. I see them start running towards the car and to my horror I realized, I RAN OVER THEIR CAT!!!!! Well, so much for that so called "progress." Heaven forgive me.

(For those worried about the cat, (Dad I know that doesn't include you), I only ran over it's tail. It's fine. DUMB thing.)
                                                  My new dress find...5 bucks! Still got it!

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