Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Knock on that door, someone's salvation is at stake!!

Hello everyone!

Wow! Another week in Hancock, and another one down. I swear they move fast out here! I can't believe I have already been on my mission for almost a month! It's crazy! I love it out here and am so grateful to be here!!

On Friday we got to go to the D.C. Temple and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! It was a very cool experience for me as I know that most missionaries only get to go once during their missions, and usually it's the day they leave. I felt so blessed to get to go within my first 2 weeks on the mission! It was so amazing and I ached to go inside. I never realized how much I would miss the temple.

First things first....WE ARE HAVING A BAPTISM!!!!!! I'm taking her to the waters, kids!!!!!!! ;) Just kidding, just kidding. Well, kind of.  Her name is H, and she is seriously the sweetest girl ever. She is 14 years old, and has decided that she would like to be baptized! She is an amazing girl, we were able to take her to the temple with us! It was such an amazing experience. We went on a tour with her in the visitors center,  she loved it!  When we  saw the Christus we asked her, "H how do you feel?" She simply responded, "Happy. Really, really happy." It was such a simple answer, but the words meant so much as you could see how much she truly meant it. It's amazing to me to see how much the gospel can change someone's life, how unhappy people are when they don't have it. It makes me feel so blessed to have been born in the covenant and makes me wonder what I did to deserve that blessing.

On the way home from the temple, we hit a bad accident and were stuck on the interstate for about an hour. Let me tell ya....people do not act the way they do in Utah. They ARE NOT CALM.(hahahaha) People were getting out of their cars, just chilling on the side of the road. So, as missionaries do, we got out of the car and took pictures just to say we did it. ;) 

Oh man do I love being a missionary. OH MAN do I love being a missionary in Hancock. We were visiting a woman and her son. As we walked up to the door we saw a creature laying straight on it's back with something weird going on around the stomach area....as we got closer we realized it was a DECAPITATED Snapping Turtle!! It's belly shell had been removed and the guts were hanging out everywhere!! I can't tell you I didn't freak out....because missionaries can't lie....but I will tell you that I ran off that porch faster than a fat kid towards chocolate cake. It was TERRIFYING, but as any missionary knows, YOU STILL KNOCK ON THAT DOOR. That's someone's salvation at stake!!!  We knock and a man answers. After we talk to him about it and what in the heck it was, he decides to make matters worse by showing us how even though it has no head, no heart, or half it's organs, when you touch it.....IT STILL MOVES. Oh it was the freakiest thing EVER. Well kids, I am here to tell you that yes. This did happen. Now, you may be thinking that the old Maddie would just say, "Adios Amigo!" and to tell you the truth, she probably would. BUT, this is the new and improved Sister Morris....and you know what I did? I put my big kid pants on and I made a new investigator out of him! Yes, you read that right!!! I'm unstoppable!!

But in all seriousness, I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the people out here in Hancock, they are SO amazing. They have taught me so much in such a little time, I can't express the amount of love I feel for them. Please know that no matter where you are, or what you are doing, you can change people's lives by sharing the gospel. Even if that is just by allowing the Light of Christ to shine through you by being an example of the believers! Anything is possible! 

I love you all and am so grateful for your continuing support! Keep the faith! 


Sister Morris

Favorite Quote:

"Before you do something OF the world, do something FOR the Lord."

Favorite Moment:
*Background*: The Bishop of this ward is Samoan and wears a skirt on Sundays. He is a great guy and is super funny. He loves me. 

Brother H (Bishop's Father in Law) to Bishop: "Well, we all know who wears the pants in your relationship."

Sister Morris: "Really? Because last time I checked both Bishop and T are wearing skirts."

Bishop: "HEY. It's nice."

(We received a letter from the Mission President asking that we do not use names of individuals on blogs except the missionaries, hence H and A.)

With H on our way back from the Temple
This is her little sister A. She is 8 and is attached to me at the hip. She made me a little scripture bag out of fabric and hand-sewed it. It took her two hours and it meant so much to me

This is my favorite picture of Sister Boman and I :) I seriously love her, and she is my best friend here. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her. Yes I have a cold...
This is our room....OUR APARTMENT IS HUGE!!! It's way too big for the two of us.

The view from our apartment...another shocking one from the dinky camera :)

Bubba and I at the MTC

 This is how I study.....in style. It's just too hot during the day to turn down the A/C and too cold in the morning, but we have to be in our church clothing.....I make it work.

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