Friday, August 23, 2013

Sharing more than the Gospel....

Well hello loved ones!

Just another swell week here at the good ol' MTC! Life is still as great as ever, even though being a missionary is far from easy. There is a bug going around our district so Monday morning I was down for the count. BUT. I got the sweetest priesthood blessing from Elder Van De Graaff (one of my favorite elders.) and he was SO NERVOUS. It was so short, but super sweet and brought me to tears. I can't tell you how much I love these boys. I am excited to leave the MTC and get to Maryland, but I can't tell you how much I will miss all my friends.

Everyday has been long, but through my faith in Christ I have had more energy than ever before. I can't tell you how many times a day I think, "Wow. I could never have lasted this long if I wasn't a missionary." My back hasn't hurt ONCE. not ONCE. It's a true blessing. I try to center myself around helping the other missionaries in my district, and I feel like this has really blessed me. Especially the ones that are a little socially shy. I help them study and talk to people. They humble me, and laugh at my jokes. It's the perfect arrangement.

Well, i'm sorry today's email is short, SOMEONE (MOM) took up all my time. But, seeing/talking to my family is really the glue that holds me together. I do everything I do for them, and to make them proud. I love you all, and thank you for all the letters, the elders are still jealous and I'm still Queen of the Hill. 


Sister Morris

Favorite Quote: " Never put a limit on the Lord's work. Faith more than Fear."

Favorite Moment: 

Sister Morris: "Elder Van De Graaff, here's a poem for you.: Dear Elder Van De Graaff, look like a giraffe."

Elder Van De Graaff: "One, Rude. Two, that doesn't even rhyme." *Karate Chop motion to the face* "SUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I adore him.

We were able to email back and forth with Sister Morris and ask a bunch of questions. She is sooo happy which brings peace to us. She said that one of the Elders accidently chipped her tooth and she didn't even notice. Sister Morris was able to meet Elder Morris at the entrance of the MTC when he reported. We were able to see her from a distance and waved and said we loved her. She said that she prays every day to see to  Elder Morris (her brother) and so far she has been able to talk with him at every meal. She says that he is so happy and has a 'stud' companion. She said today Elder Morris talked with her for two minutes in Spanish, she didn't understand what he said but was impressed. She was also able to see Elder Braxton Bassett as he entered the MTC, they were only able to talk in passing and that he just said, 'I love you, Sister Morris, I love you!' What a sweet brother from another mother.

We asked her if they are able to weigh her luggage before she leaves for the airport. She said that they can and that a Sister weighed her luggage and was so happy that it only weighed 50 lbs because she thought for sure she was over, that joy was short lived when the companion told her that 50 was in kilograms and it weighed over 100 lbs.

Sister Morris said that if you are writing to her using Dear Elder, Sunday is the last day you can write her that she will receive the letter before she leaves the MTC. She leaves Tuesday morning for Baltimore at 3:30 am. They are riding the Frontrunner to Traxx to the airport. Her Delta flight leaves at 9:56 am. This mother would love to see her but will follow the rules and be obedient, it will kill me but I will be obedient. It is enough for me to know that I get a phone call!!! I can't wait for Tuesday.

We will post her new address as soon and we know it. Thank you to all who write Sister Morris, she is grateful for your love and support, my God bless you for your efforts!!!

Here are some pictures she sent today.....

Sister Morris with her companion Sister Williams
This is my district. From the left to right.....1.) Sister Muirbrook (Max Fillmore's girlfriend, Iowa) 2. Sister Williams, my companion 3.) Sister Randall (Iowa) 4.) Sister Madsen 5.) Sister Chavez (my kindred spirit) Sister Chavez will be service in Baltimore Maryland Mission also.

Sister Chavez and The Elders, missing Elder Larsen. From left to right: Elder Van De Graaff, Elder Hill (back), Elder Spencer (giant), Elder Camoau, Elder Gill (back) and our teacher Brother Clancy.

Sister Morris was able to pick up her brother after Elder Morris received his name badge

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